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So here goes, today’s going (pause) not so well, so-so…

But, you know, no-one wants to read about people whinging…including me.

And that’s not what I’m here to do either…

But I just wanted to post my little bit of CONNECTION.  If any of you haven’t watched Brene Brown’s TED talk on shame and vulnerability then, first of all I suggest you do…youtube = youknowthedrill..

But secondly, this photograph shows me and my connecting with the people around me.       A coffee and a chat with an amazing friend and her daughter.

What does this have to do with publishing a book? (you might say)

Well, everything actually!!!!

Because without reaching out and finding fulfilling connections/ friendship/ love with people around you, then to get into the mindset to go and realise your dreams, whatever they may be, is probably not going to happen.

So, there it is..

Another step along the way…

Go forth and connect

Kate May Good xxx