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So, here’s where I’m confused.  And kind of really not sure where to go to to find out…

There’s this iconic image doing the rounds of a bunny being boiled…but who owns it?   Who’s permission do I get to put the image in my book?  The person who took the image… right, ok.. who took the image?

Google.. bunny boiler image… great – there it is… problem is it is attached to at least three blogs (discussing bunny boilers of course).

Am I supposed to message these three bloggers asking them if the image is theirs? if not then do they have permission to use it and who did they seek permission from so that I can also try and try and get permission to use it in my book.

I guess I should try and do that – and I will…

I just wonder how fruitful it’s all going to be.


And this is another one – there is a line printed kissmequick.co.uk (is that a watermark?).  I googled this to try and find the photographer?  designer?  writer?  of this picture – to get permission to use it in my book.

Then they want me to make an offer as this domain name ‘may’?? be for sale.

See below

Make an offer for a domain name

You’re one offer away from acquiring the perfect domain name for your business! Please fill out the offer form below, submit your £9.95 payment, and we will pass your offer along to the domain owner.

Should I have asked someone if I could copy and paste this from the website?  Probably..

So, how else would I find out whose picture this is so I can ask their permission?

It’s very tricky.  Or is it just very tricky for me?

I have been reading a lot about copyright and what is ok to do and not to do and there are some amazing examples of yay’s and nay’s that have gone through the courts.

Apparently if you change the context? or thingymajiggy enough – definition of enough is decided by the judge – then I guess you’ve appropriated it or…..Wikipedia says.. “re-vision, re-evaluation, variation, version, interpretation, imitation, proximation, supplement, increment, improvisation, prequel… pastiche, paraphrase, parodyhomagemimicryshan-zhai, echo, allusion, intertextuality and karaoke.”Michalis Pichler (2009) Statements on Appropriation, published in Fillip #11 (2010), Vancouver

Actually Wikipedia says Pichler said..

enough to be ok.

ok..i’m getting a tad confused.  More research is needed.

If anyone has any really specific knowledge on copyright or how I would get to the people whose images are swirling around Facebook and the internet then please leave a comment.

All help is greatly appreciated.

Kate May Good xxx..