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My mum brings me up-to-date with what is going on in the world (via the mX of course).


The latest (and most important of course) being – a couple of guys in Sydney, Misha Zelinsky and Elliot Capner, have just written a book titled ‘He’s an arsehole anyway’.  Apparently their plan is to help girls deal with breakups with ‘arseholes’.  Lucky us.

Capner said he ‘..had 300 missed calls in one day from an ex.’  His advice to the girl is – ‘Maintain your dignity, don’t let it be a race to the bottom’.

My advice to any guy who has got it in their head that it is a good idea to let your phone ring 300 times is….drum roll please… ‘Just pick up the phone and have a conversation’.

People are now so scared of expressing their feelings and communicating them to someone, either in person or over the phone, that they are running hell for leather (metaphorically speaking of course) (read – not picking up their phone or answering text messages) – which leads to a bad outcome for both people. 

Yes some conversations are icky and can be unpleasant but people need to practice behaving more like an adult (real adult behaviour as opposed to just turning 18).  The better you behave in these situations – and get through these not so nice bits.. the more there will be a real possibility of a good outcome for all… a chance of staying friends… and if not, at least knowing you tried to do the right thing.


Anyway…. back to my mum..

‘See?’ she said ‘You can write a book about anything’.  I think she was trying to be supportive to my own intentions. Thanks mum.