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I once knew this guy in a band… we were pretty good friends for a few years and then one thing and another happened and we had a falling out…

Things got said… things got repeated… feelings hurt…

He wrote a book.  I want to buy a copy.

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So I messaged the Facebook thread of the band – you know – the one the guy’s in.. (my kind of living the life fan-tastic)…

Turns out – somebody who knows the guy in a band – actually READS THE THREADS!!! Can you believe it???

Well, he messaged me privately and sent me his email and told me that if I email him he will pass it on to… the guy in the band!!!!

So, I kind of think you get how this is related to publishing a book.

Of course I want to get a copy of a book of someone whose work I’m actually really into seeing as I want to publish my own (and being an old friend of course).. and I did try a few months ago – researching on the net etc.. turns out it’s only held in one place as far as I can tell.  And it’s tricky to get it from there.


Now what?  What do I say?  I’m writing to someone that will forward my email on to the guy in a band.  I would like to make contact but our friendship was quashed.  I’m in a quandary!!

Any help would be much appreciated.

I thought by the end of this post I would have the answer formulated but twas not to be.

Kate May Good xx