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Linked In – F(*&ed Up (with a little help from me)

Oye – I don’t get embarrassed by many things.  My book will attest to that.  But  I gave Linked In access to my email account (why, oh why?) and then it went ahead and found everyone in my account and (cringe) – invited them to be (more cringing) – in my network? friend? oh no – they are a ‘connection’…

Well, I’m here to apologise to all those people on Linked In who may not know or remember me (and likewise)… I really didn’t mean to hit you all up (in excess of 40 people in one accidental touch I think)..

Of course some people I would have meant to but others well… my email goes back to the early 90’s so… that’s many moons away… my memory is fading… need to get that ol’ remembrest charged…

Anyway, I’m here to say SORRY.  and it was AN ACCIDENT!!! and I hope I didn’t OFFEND anyone.

Phew, I got all that off my chest – I feel better.

Kate May Good xxxx