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Ok… here’s where I’m up to.  I don’t get where the defined line is (if there is one)… with how you write a book ‘based on actual events’ but not get agreement from everybody you write about…. I don’t know… a model release?  permission?  etc..

I think you can still write a book about someone even if they don’t want you to, no?

If someone wrote you a letter.  Could you publish it?  If you don’t want to use the name of the person who wrote the letter because they wanted to remain anonymous then how do you reference them?  If you use a pseudonym then you are obviously not correctly referencing their work.  What if they don’t want the letter published?

sophietake care of yourself

Sophie Calle‘s work ‘Take Care of Yourself’ (pictured above) is a case in point.  She has taken a break-up email, using the last line from the man as the title of the work, and turned it into an internationally famous artwork.  The man who wrote the email apparently wasn’t too happy about it.  So is Calle breaking the law?

I really don’t know how to go about finding these answers.

If you can shed any light on the subject, please do!!!