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I was sent the image above last night by someone on Facebook.  The only words that were sent by the person were ‘hipster help’.

So… I am left to decipher the meaning.  Are they taking the piss?  having a dig?  making a joke?  or do they just think I’m a mean and nasty person? I don’t know.

I’m in an organic food co-op but I do love chocolate (and fairy floss (Queen of Confession)).

What are they trying to say to me?

I’ve been contacted a lot this past year (a whole lot) by people who seem to be too scared to actually say and do what they want to in person.

They will email me, text me or Facebook me.

Don’t get me wrong – I will email, text or message back BUT I would much rather be having the communication old school style…

I am trying to wrap my head around why people are so intent on keeping things ‘online’.  What is so forbidding?  foreboding? about a phone call or (God forbid) face-to-face.

What are they afraid of?

Hearing a truth?  A different point of view?  Not being able to express themselves properly or with dignity?

It really concerns me the direction that people are choosing to communicate their feelings.  Am I alone in this?

I guess in some ways it can work… as it gives people time to think about what they want to say…but… it also brings frustration and miscommunication.

Isn’t body language 80 – 90% of communication?  Take tone of voice out of the equation and what do we have left?

There is no room to sort out issues, have an organic conversations (pun intended) when the only option given to you is ONLINE.

I’m talking about tricky conversations.  When you converse face-to-face – and you both listen to each other and hear – really hear what is being said to you – not just concentrate on what you want to say – then issues can be resolved… (or at least attempted to be)… things can (hopefully) move forward instead of stagnate.

My book is about these online relationships.

Kate May Good xx