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Brian Doar ‘Ascension of the Mankini’ – Watters Gallery

So, this is a post on artists helping each other and sharing information.

This past week, two artists, Brian Doar (my mentor at Uni and beyond) and fellow Art in Public Places – artist, Josh McCrimmon have both helped me a lot in the short interactions I’ve had with them.

My friend Brian did a drive-by with me of my ‘new grey wall’ in Spotswood and gave me some excellent advice on how to build a successful artwork on the wall. The direction I should go in… where to concentrate my energy…  getting the most impact… making the work accessible…

Josh has helped me with sharing his recipe’s for paste ups and reading his blog has been very informative… it always helps to see people treading the same path your on..

Check out his paste up in April – it’s right next door to Snap Printing…96 Ferguson St, Williamstown..and excellent blog http://supermarketmonkey.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/progress-notes-from-artist.html

Josh McCrimmon’s wall – ready for transformation!!!

williamstown wall[2]

So, a big thank you to them for their help and a promise to stick a virtual medal on all artist’s chests who help out their fellow path-treaders. (Does that even make sense???)

Kate May Good xx