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Projector Bike 2010

Projector Bike 2010 (Photo credit: mjog*)


Yesterday morning I was having a swim in the cool waters at Byron Bay with my girls from yesteryear which are now my girls of today…


I told them I was going to make a movie..


Sarah: What’s it about?


Me: I don’t know yet..


Sham: Ah, that’s just details..


The moral of this story is… if it happens to be lost in translation is..


I don’t yet know what the movie is about, or the first thing about how to make a movie BUT I’m not going to worry about all that…


BECAUSE I’m going to learn!!!




Last night I went to a meeting re Projector Bike.




And now I’m making a movie… to be submitted and hopefully screened by the Projector Bike on Thursday 11 April 2013 in Williamstown (beginning at Williamstown Library at 6pm) and Wednesday 17 April 2013 in Altona (beginning at Logan Reserve at 6pm).




Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 11.20.30 AM


I’ve come up with Celtx – a free scriptwriting thingimajig.. more to follow once I get the download up and running…


Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 11.15.54 AM


And iMovie – apparently I can make a movie (free… ooh I love this word)..on this application…


Wish me luck…


Kate May Good xxx