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So, as you know, on my way to publishing my book I am working on other projects but also trying to drum up publicity for my book.

In my typical style of art making – the process of trying to publish my book is indeed – the artwork – and new works spring of this one too…


It’s a little hard to get your head around at first so don’t worry if I’ve lost you….


During my time involved in Art In Public Places in conjunction with the Hobson’s Bay Council… I started my move into film… it started with projection… trying to do a little at school (RMIT) …then the fabulous Projector Bike came along… Joseph & Millie’s project which I’ve previously discussed in this blog…(actually last post if I remember correctly)…



Well, Joseph took me out last Thursday night in Williamstown and showed me what the Projector Bike can do – which I’m in turn trying to show you!!!

It was great when the film was being projected onto the clear(ish) straight surfaces but then when the bike was moving around and projecting onto trees, boat shed’s, windows, red brick walls and corrugated iron roofs…


…well, that’s when I got REALLY EXCITED!!!!!!!!IMG_8203


Everywhere we went people were astounded… we parked the bike up beside a restaurant and Joseph started projecting on the wall outside… the people inside eating were amazed… pictured above are the owner and staff having come outside to check it out!!!


It was AWESOME!!!!

If I was ten, maybe twenty years younger, I’d use all those new, cool words like ‘amazeballs’, ‘totes’ and even perhaps bring out the ol’ favourite –  ‘peeps’.

But I’m not, so I won’t.

Now, off I go to learn how to make that movie I’ve been rabbiting on about…

Kate May Good xxx