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…called ‘It’s Lentils for you, Baby!’ and, you know, it was based on my book of the same name ‘It’s Lentils for you, Baby!’ (gasp).. I know, right?!!! IMG_8637

I submitted it to be shown by the Projector Bike during the Art in Public Places program – it was ACCEPTED!!!  Yay!!! ..and was screened on the 11th April in Williamstown and 17th April in Altona.


I think it was pretty good….

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 8.36.25 PM

..and luckily, my one true friend who came to see it – the beautiful and talented Amy Cookson thought it was pretty good too…

..well, ‘brilliant’ actually (I’m not lying, see above), but you know… I’m trying to be coy..


..sooooo… um…that’s my news…

on my long and winding road

F@#$ will probably have to pay out to the Beatles now… arghhh!!!

I’ll have law suits coming out the wazoo!!!!!!!

Kate May Good xxx