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I’m new to all this…. trying to generate publicity and interest….

Trying to walk the fine line by trying to get people interested and not giving them the shyster milakas by pushing my ‘thing’ in their faces every which way they turn…

I fear this may occur at times… but I am learning so… hang with me if you can…

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It was time for my first attempt at a Media Release to try and drum up some publicity for my Closing of It’s Lentils for you, Baby! The Paste Up… for the Art In Public Places program.

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Also a good chance to chat about my book and try and get some interest and coverage…

Again, I had a lot of help from my international publishing company (frankly bloody good friends) – Evie Farrell, Ariel White, Emma Beattie and Tania Blackwell from three states and the UK.

So, I sent out about 5(ish) Media Releases at about 10pm on a Saturday night (not recommended) to the usual suspects… The Age, The Herald Sun and our local press… The Leader, The Star… I think I hit up a couple of randoms on the net too…

And I got a call early Monday morning…from local paper – The Star asking for an interview and booking a photo shoot.  VERY VERY EXCITING for me!!!!

It was a blast (and a little scary) doing my FIRST EVER interview and photo shoot.  Wow…. little ol’ me…


I thought the interviewer Nicole did a great job… she really seemed to capture the essence of what I was trying to say…


And the photographer did an AMAZING job …

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A poser?


Are you serious?


Yeah, well, whatevs….

Kate May Good xxx