Bits and Pieces…


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So, bits and pieces have been happening on my road to publishing my book.

The journey is just as important as the destination.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the journey IS in fact the DESTINATION.  A friend of mine actually told me that (or words to that effect) – ‘it’s beside the point if you even publish the book in the end – the art is the getting out there and trying to do it!’

I was a bit offended at the time but now I kind of see where he is coming from..

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Bits and Pieces

a) I called my venue in Art and Public Places yesterday – ‘A Bunch of Cakes’.  They have very kindly given me the inside and the outside of their shop to show my work.  They are on the corner of Forrest and Hudson’s Rd, Spotswood, Melbourne.  They told me the undercoat painting has started for my wall that i am doing my paste ups on.  Very excited!!!  I’ll head down this morning and take some pics to show you.  A grey brick wall.  I’m sure you’ll be waiting with baited breath.

b) My mum bought me some glue yesterday so I can start learning the technique of paste ups.

c) I’m going to enter a postcard project at RMIT with ‘It’s Lentils for you, Baby!’ inspired work.

d) I went to the Artist’s Meeting to proof-read the booklet for Art in Public Places.

e) The Manager, Brooke, at the Salvo’s in Nth Williamstown called me and told me she had collected damaged 20 books for me for my ‘The Literate Letterbox Drop’ project.

So… yes… I’m still on my journey – and absolutely loving it!!!!!

Kate May Good xxx




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A space and a community for an artist…

The truth is I haven’t had ANY time of late to even step through the doors of my studio – ‘Ernest Studio’ at the Cotton Mills in Footscray … BUT I’m hoping all that will change very soon…

Here is my studio – log on and have a look.  Let me know what you think..

Some wonderful people doing wonderful things… some of them sell their work in lot’s of markets around Melbourne – People’s Market, Blender’s Market… there are details on the site with how to contact them all if your interested.

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So… that’s my little update… I HAVE A STUDIO!!!! (that I don’t have time to work in but let’s not labour that point haha!)

Kate May Good xxx

Virtual Communication in a Real-life World


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I was sent the image above last night by someone on Facebook.  The only words that were sent by the person were ‘hipster help’.

So… I am left to decipher the meaning.  Are they taking the piss?  having a dig?  making a joke?  or do they just think I’m a mean and nasty person? I don’t know.

I’m in an organic food co-op but I do love chocolate (and fairy floss (Queen of Confession)).

What are they trying to say to me?

I’ve been contacted a lot this past year (a whole lot) by people who seem to be too scared to actually say and do what they want to in person.

They will email me, text me or Facebook me.

Don’t get me wrong – I will email, text or message back BUT I would much rather be having the communication old school style…

I am trying to wrap my head around why people are so intent on keeping things ‘online’.  What is so forbidding?  foreboding? about a phone call or (God forbid) face-to-face.

What are they afraid of?

Hearing a truth?  A different point of view?  Not being able to express themselves properly or with dignity?

It really concerns me the direction that people are choosing to communicate their feelings.  Am I alone in this?

I guess in some ways it can work… as it gives people time to think about what they want to say…but… it also brings frustration and miscommunication.

Isn’t body language 80 – 90% of communication?  Take tone of voice out of the equation and what do we have left?

There is no room to sort out issues, have an organic conversations (pun intended) when the only option given to you is ONLINE.

I’m talking about tricky conversations.  When you converse face-to-face – and you both listen to each other and hear – really hear what is being said to you – not just concentrate on what you want to say – then issues can be resolved… (or at least attempted to be)… things can (hopefully) move forward instead of stagnate.

My book is about these online relationships.

Kate May Good xx




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Ok… here’s where I’m up to.  I don’t get where the defined line is (if there is one)… with how you write a book ‘based on actual events’ but not get agreement from everybody you write about…. I don’t know… a model release?  permission?  etc..

I think you can still write a book about someone even if they don’t want you to, no?

If someone wrote you a letter.  Could you publish it?  If you don’t want to use the name of the person who wrote the letter because they wanted to remain anonymous then how do you reference them?  If you use a pseudonym then you are obviously not correctly referencing their work.  What if they don’t want the letter published?

sophietake care of yourself

Sophie Calle‘s work ‘Take Care of Yourself’ (pictured above) is a case in point.  She has taken a break-up email, using the last line from the man as the title of the work, and turned it into an internationally famous artwork.  The man who wrote the email apparently wasn’t too happy about it.  So is Calle breaking the law?

I really don’t know how to go about finding these answers.

If you can shed any light on the subject, please do!!!




This image is resonating with me today..

I keep asking myself why?

There are lots of mixed feelings at the end of the party.

Relief, exhaustion, perhaps disappointment.

All the work that has gone into creating the party and now it is finished.

All you have now are remnants.

Tired bodies.

Dishes to wash.

Burnt candles to put away, waiting for the next time.

Kate May Good xx

In the middle of the night…



It’s 4 o’clock in the morning…(it’s actually not – it’s 4.24 – i’m just using a bit of poetic licence for this post)

It’s 4 o’clock in the morning and all is quiet on the horizon (i can’t see any horizon but let’s just assume the one out there is quiet..)

It’s 4 o’clock in the morning and all is quiet on the horizon bar the hum of the refrigerator…

Hmmm…. just testing out the ideas flowing in the middle of the night theory.

Maybe its not for me baby, maybe i should be asleep in bed….


Kate May Good xx

L!&%ed Up


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Linked In – F(*&ed Up (with a little help from me)

Oye – I don’t get embarrassed by many things.  My book will attest to that.  But  I gave Linked In access to my email account (why, oh why?) and then it went ahead and found everyone in my account and (cringe) – invited them to be (more cringing) – in my network? friend? oh no – they are a ‘connection’…

Well, I’m here to apologise to all those people on Linked In who may not know or remember me (and likewise)… I really didn’t mean to hit you all up (in excess of 40 people in one accidental touch I think)..

Of course some people I would have meant to but others well… my email goes back to the early 90’s so… that’s many moons away… my memory is fading… need to get that ol’ remembrest charged…

Anyway, I’m here to say SORRY.  and it was AN ACCIDENT!!! and I hope I didn’t OFFEND anyone.

Phew, I got all that off my chest – I feel better.

Kate May Good xxxx


A guy in a band…


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I once knew this guy in a band… we were pretty good friends for a few years and then one thing and another happened and we had a falling out…

Things got said… things got repeated… feelings hurt…

He wrote a book.  I want to buy a copy.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 11.29.44 PM

So I messaged the Facebook thread of the band – you know – the one the guy’s in.. (my kind of living the life fan-tastic)…

Turns out – somebody who knows the guy in a band – actually READS THE THREADS!!! Can you believe it???

Well, he messaged me privately and sent me his email and told me that if I email him he will pass it on to… the guy in the band!!!!

So, I kind of think you get how this is related to publishing a book.

Of course I want to get a copy of a book of someone whose work I’m actually really into seeing as I want to publish my own (and being an old friend of course).. and I did try a few months ago – researching on the net etc.. turns out it’s only held in one place as far as I can tell.  And it’s tricky to get it from there.


Now what?  What do I say?  I’m writing to someone that will forward my email on to the guy in a band.  I would like to make contact but our friendship was quashed.  I’m in a quandary!!

Any help would be much appreciated.

I thought by the end of this post I would have the answer formulated but twas not to be.

Kate May Good xx

Getting permission from the Copyright owner..


So… those in the know know that I can find it a tad difficult to get permission to print stuff and repost photos etc… off of the Copyright owner..

Well, I’m very proud to announce that I contacted the person above at her hilarious, crazy and well-written blog – and asked permission to post her photo re – mums having to wear many hats.. on my blog.

So here it is!!

She kindly emailed me a jpeg image and gave me her permission  🙂  … see below

So, this is my first success at gaining permission.. intellectual property ?  and all that jazz that I’m in the process of learning.

(NB: ignore the fact that I’ve put 3 photos of the same image in. It’s just that I’m new at this)

Kate May Good xx

Queen of Confession


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I was listening to the radio in the car this morning and something popped up about a report that’s just come out on addiction to mobile phones…

…anyway it talked about the anxiety that people feel when they are not near their phones, how often they are checking, texting, tuning in with social media etc.. etc..

The last statistic was that one third of people… (I’m using the term people here very loosely so bear with me) … one third of people are using their phone on the toilet.

So, as I’m the Queen of Confession, I thought I would post a picture of what I produced with my iPhone on a toilet (actually it could have been in (in the cubicle not in the toilet)).

Again, you may think – really? What does this have to do with publishing a book?  Well, it is to do with the book.  Those people in the know, know!